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Elko best small town image

Ok, I know you are wondering what's up with Gold Acres...
My name is Merlene Guldager. Guldager is Danish and means golden fields. It is pronounced like 'gull+dagger', but people rarely get it right. More often than not it comes out 'gold+digger.' And since I live in the gold mining country of Northeastern Nevada, I chose Gold Acres for my first email address and it grew on me. I have also used Gold Acres many times in the AKC registration names my of pet Pomeranians.

I grew up in the small town of Elko, located on I-80 about halfway between Reno, Nevada and Salt Lake City, Utah. Several years ago it was given the honor of being named the best small town in America, by the author of the book, The 100 Best Small Towns in America. We are also the home of the Annual National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, and the National Basque Festival. That image you see just above is a photo of what is painted on the side of one of the local Hotel/Casinos.

Since I was first introduced to graphics on the Internet, I have wanted to do my own. But, because I can barely draw a straight line, I thought it would be impossible. Then my friend, Special Agent 22, asked for help with an animated signature. In the process of getting that to work, I discovered Paint Shop Pro and learned to animate from a very badly written tutorial. Afterward I wanted to learn to use the program, so I went in search of tutorials on the Internet and joined a stationery group.

I was a novice, but learned quickly to create backgrounds that tile seamlessly, and to make left bordered stationery strips for use in Outlook Express emails. Many of these are offered in the Stationery and Backgrounds area of my web site. After some time working in PSP, I started to write my own tutorials to share my discoveries with others.

While looking for a new program to create and maintain my web pages, I found PhotoImpact. I thought, well I know PSP so this should be easy to learn....wrong! PhotoImpact is so different from PSP that I was hopelessly lost. After another Internet search I found the PhotoImpact Newbies group and joined immediately. Before I finished the 50 lessons, I had already written my first tutorial for PhotoImpact. When I graduated, I was asked to become a moderator and help others learn. Of course, I said yes... Sadly this group no longer exists. In February of 2003, I was given the opportunity to join a new group called the PIRC Beginners Workshop. It was still being put together and the tutorials tested and refined. We decided that each person who joined would be assigned a Mentor who would work with them all the way through the course. In the course of time I became the owner of that group which had moved to a bulletin board of it's own. Sadly PhotoImpact was purchased from ULEAD by COREL and then discontinued. There will never be a new version.

A small group of PhotoImpact users got together and decided it would be a good idea to create a new Beginner's Workshop, this time for the Corel program PaintShop Pro. So we began by learning the program ourselves and then we began writing tutorials aimed at beginners, people who had never used a graphics program before. For eight long months we wrote, tested, argued and proofread and "The Beginner's Workshop for PaintShop Pro" was born. We opened and began accepting members in February 2013. To the date of this writing in October of 2015 we have graduated 59 students.

One day, while working on a stationery strip, I thought, "Gee, this would look great on my desktop!" After a bit of fiddling, I discovered how to set it as my desktop wallpaper. It really looked great, and I suddenly found myself thinking big and creating tons of wallpaper. I should also mention that I love Fonts of all kinds and while searching for one I had lost in a reformat, I found one called "Calendar." This font made creating a Calendar super easy as the numbered boxes were laid out on the keyboard. My desktop wallpaper soon became desktop calendars. In the beginning, I only did a few each month. But, since I tend to get bored with the same one all the time, I had to start creating more. At present, they are only being offered through the Desktop Calendar Originals website. Click on the Calendar button below to check them out.

When I am not on the Internet managing the or mentoring, I am enjoying the company of my 4 Pomeranians. If you would like to know more about my small family of "Furkids" you can use the link in the Menu above or below.

I hope you will enjoy what you find here. You are welcome to save and use anything I offer here. I do ask you not claim it as your own work, or link to it.

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