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I have always loved dogs, but when I was young I was very allergic to them and could not be around any breed. There were several occasions when I ended up very sick and once in an oxygen tent because I just couldn't breathe. Luckily for me that all started to change when I became a teenager. My cousin, David, came to spend the summer working fighting range fires for the BLM to earn money for college. When he arrived he had the cutest little dog I had ever seen. It was a Pomeranian and his name was Melvin. I was sure I would not be able to be around it, but soon discovered that I wasn't reacting. I was so very happy about that and my parents were too but were cautious. The next summer he returned and again I wasn't reacting. David secretly made arrangements to get me my very own Pom. He had to promise my parents that he would take the dog if I became sick. They were certain that I would. But it never happened. And so JoJo became a member of our family. He was a sweetheart, but seemed to be susceptible to every illness that came down the way toward us. The poor little guy had 3 surgeries and a chronic cough. But he was a real joy and pleasure for me. Unfortunately for us, he came to live with us just as I had to leave for College. We were not to be as close as we would have liked for several years. When I would come home for a weekend or vacations he would sleep in my suitcase and I would have to have a long talk with him before I could pack it again to leave. At the age of 12 he passed away. I was miserable wanted to get another dog, but just couldn't face another Pomeranian right away.

Rocky & Panda, Old English Sheepdogs

So, I got my first Old English Sheepdog. His name was Rocky Raccoon (named by the breeder) and was almost 6 months old when he came to live with me. I know, what a huge difference from a Pom. But Rocky was a super friend and companion. Old English are natural born clowns and remain puppy-like even as adults. They just want to play and to please you. Rocky liked to talk to me by whining and groaning. We had to have our daily conversations or he wasn't a happy camper at all. He was an amazing fella and I still miss him.

Time passed and of course, Rocky had to leave me. I was sad but decided I was ready for another Pom. This time around I got a female and her name was Tasha, named for Tasha Yar on Star Trek: The Next Generation. She was adorable and very much like the child I never had. TahsaShe would actually shriek and cry when I left her. I had hoped she would be mommy, but was never able to find a male with enough desire to mate her. While I had her, I got two tiny kittens who thought she was their mommie and would nurse on her. They would also groom her. She proved that she would have been a super mom. When she passed away I was without pets for several years because I wasn't living in a situation where I could have them. Then I moved in with my Dad to care for him. I told him that a condition of my doing that would be getting a Pom. He wasn't happy about it and because his illness worsened shortly after I moved in, I didn't get one until he passed away. We had around the clock helpers in the house and it would have been difficult to be training a puppy, but I think it would have cheered him to have had one.

Barkley as puppy

Now we come to the present. I found Barkley through a work contact. He just happened to have a whole litter of Poms ready to be adopted. Barkley immediately stole my heart and became my travel companion. My job had me doing a lot of driving, and having him along was wonderful.Cinni Mini About a year later I decided it was time for him to have a live-in girl friend and found Cinni-Mini. Cinni had grown up in a breeder kennel and was unsocialized and had been quite alone. She was nearly 6 months old. She and Barkley became fast friends and great companions.

Cinni always signals her happiness by wagging her beautiful white tail. And she is almost always happy. But in March of 2008, Barkley was determined to escape our fence and have an adventure out in the world at large. He was gone from us for almost ten days. During this time poor Cinni was absolutely miserable. Nothing I did could cheer her up and her tail never wagged once. We were very lucky and Barkley was returned to us and was none the worse for his adventure. (I do think my offer of a generous reward helped with that) I worried that should something happen to Barkley and he be lost to us, Cinni would be not fare well.


So I started looking again for another Pom. Shortly after that Jamoca came to live with us. Jammie is a little chocolate colored Pom. She has a small white spot on her chest and one white front paw. She was only 3 months when we got her. She now rules the house.

Barkley is now over 7 years old and and a proven stud. He is very protective of his "ladies" and will even bite to be sure he isn't separated from them. Check out the Photo Gallery to see his progeny, or Puppies to see the current little ones sharing our house.


Dory was one of our own. She was Cinni Mini's and a super sweet girl. But her need to be "alpha female" made us all miserable. We wanted her to have a happy home and found one just after her last litter was born. She and her son went to a very loving couple who had recently lost a pair of 14 yr olds.

Meet Geordi

Cinni Mini has retired this year (2012) and will now enjoy a new role as "Grandma" to all the new pups to come.

We kept one of Dory's pups from the Spring litters. He is Geordi of Gold Acres and is a little Barkley clone, though he may not have any sable. Sadly for us all he was born with a heart defect. We are told it will stunt his growth and most likely significantly shorten his life. But he has a super personality and is a great addition to our family.

Sadly Geordi has now left us. He had some neurological problems along with the heart condition. He was with us and loved for a year and a month.

Meet Lolly

Lolly joined us just as Dory found her new home. She is Dory's daughter and also has a heart defect. Lolly is now approaching her second birthday and while we know her life will be short, we also know she is very much loved. She helped us over the hurdle of losing Geordi and know has placed her paw prints all over our hearts. She shows no signs of the neurological problems that plagued Geordi.

Oh, one last thing...The puppy in the banner at the top of the page, and the Poms Syndrome image is "Bella", one of our many beautiful girls.

new litter

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