Ok, so who is Special Agent 22 and why the T-Files...? Special Agent 22 is my long time best friend. We met long ago as Freshmen in High School, in the Best Small Town in America, Elko, Nevada long before it was given that title by an Author. It was back when STAR TREK launched the first of the voyages of the "Starship Enterprise" . We were huge fans of that show and gave each other nick names from the show. I called her "Spock" she called me "Bones." When "The X-Files," came along she became an even bigger fan of that show, hence "Special Agent 22. And now the "T-FIles"

We no longer live close to each other, and our lives have changed dramatically over the intervening years. To stay in touch, we now use the Internet. Actually, she is the reason I do graphics. In 1999 she got on-line with WEBTV, and so I had to too. We were soon learning to use HTML to program the signatures to include background and animations in our emails. Later that year I got a computer and gave the WEBTV to my Mother. One day, late in the year, I got a request from her to fix an animated signature she had gotten of her name. That led to my learning to use Paint Shop Pro and later that year my first website was launched to give her a place on the web to store the name and link to it.

Meet the T-Factor

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