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I have always believed in sharing my creations. So why do I need a terms of Use page...? Simply put, I need you to know and understand what sharing really means.
You are free to use any of my creations, stationery strips, background and so on.

But  you must first download the image, strip, background to your own computer. You may not link to it on my site.

You may not claim my work as your own. I don't ask you to provide a link back to my site, but if you should want to do so, it would be appreciated.
You may not collect my work and offer it on another website or for sale. I don't profit from my work and neither should you.
If you have questions regarding anything about my terms, please contact me by email using the link provided on this page.

One final note. What you create following my tutorials is yours to do with as you please. They are meant to be used to help get you started on a style or concept. It is my hope that you will expand on my ideas and incorporate your own creativity in your results. To that end, I would love to see what you make with them anytime you would like to share it.

COPYRIGHT © Merlene Guldager
All images shown on this page are were taken by the owner of this site.
This document and the images contained therein may not be translated, duplicated, redistributed or otherwise appropriated.