Title: Create A Rainbow

Software: Corel PaintShop Pro X7 -- Current

Author: Merlene Guldager

Home Page: Gold Acres Designs

Skill Level: Beginner

Materials Needed:

  • A scenic photo of your own or one from PIRC Photo Gallery
  • The rainbow supplies bundle

  • Description:
    Ever wish you could capture a rainbow in a photo? Well now you don't have to get lucky. You will learn to make your own rainbow and save it as a Picture Tube for future use.

    Preparation   &   Modes

    Download and unzip the rainbow supplies zip. Place the "gadrainbowbase" tube in your Custom PSP folders Picture Tubes. Open the Color swatch image in PSP. Find a nice scenic photo where a rainbow would look good. Open and SHIFT + D to duplicate it then close the original to preserve it. Minimize the duplicate for now.

    PaintShop Pro has multiple workspaces and modes. What you use will depend on your version of PSP. If you are using PSP 2018, you should select the Complete workspace and the Edit mode. For older versions, select the Edit mode.

    Let's Get Started

    Creating the Rainbow

    1. Open a new transparent raster image, 800x600 pixels.

    2. Select the Picture Tube tool and find the "gadrainbowbase" tube from the drop-list.

    3. Click in the approximate center of the canvas to apply the shape.

    4. Go to Objects Align Center in Canvas. Your image should look like this:

    5. Select the Pick tool and keep it active during the next steps.

    6. Go to Effects 3D Effects Drop Shadow. Use the following settings:
      Vertical = -5
      Horizontal = 5
      Opacity = 100
      Blur = 50.0
      Color = Red.   Move your cursor over the color box (it will change to a dropper shape), then click the red color swatch to select it. Shadow on new layer = Checked

    7. Click Ok to apply the first color. Your image should look like this:

    8. As you can see in the image the two layers are linked together. Click the Link icon to Un-link them. Then click on the Black shape image to activate it.

    9. Make sure your layers are un-linked and make the black shape layer active.

      Repeat steps 5-7 above 5 more times and change the color each time as shown below:

      • Orange
      • Yellow
      • Green
      • Blue
      • Purple

      You won't see all of the colors in your image, but they will be showing as new layers in your Layers palette. Your image and Layers palette should look something like this:

    10. When you finish use your Move tool and working on the image, move the black shape down to the bottom. Then starting with the purple shadow shape, move each one up or down until they all show. How much of any one that shows is up to you.

    11. When you get your shadow layers arranged move the black shape up and cover the bottom center of the purple layer. Don't move it too close and cut off all of the last rainbow color.

    12. Hold down the Control Key and click on each of the layers in the Layer palette until they are all selected.

    13. Go to Objects Align Horizontal Center in Canvas. All the layers will center at the same time.

    14. On the top of your Layers palette click the Link Icon. Now move your linked rainbow down to the bottom of the canvas until it looks like the example below.

    15. Right click on any layer and Merge Merge visible.

    16. Go to Objects Align Center in Canvas. You can see that your rainbow is cut off on the bottom.
      Now the black area needs to be removed.

    17. Select the Magic Wand Selection tool and set up as shown in the image below:

    18. Click anywhere inside the Black area to select it. Then press the Delete Key. If you have any residual color inside the selection area, press the delete key again until it's gone. This removes the black and prevents a hard line on the bottom color, or the inside of the rainbow.

    19. CTRL+D to deselect.

    20. Select the Eraser Tool and reset to default .

    21. Carefully soften the edges across the bottom where it's straight. You can also soften the inside edge of the bottom curve of the rainbow slightly.

    22. Go to File Export Picture Tube.

    Adding a Rainbow to a Photo

    1. Open the photo you want to add your rainbow to. Decide where you want to put your rainbow. Most photos from digital cameras or smart phones tend to be on the large side. This means your rainbow will be small if you don't resize them. The maximum allowed size in the Worskhop is 600 pixels on the longest side. Resize your photo accordingly by going to Image Resize. Make sure Lock Aspect Ratio is checked.

    2. Select the Picture Tube tool and find your new rainbow.

    3. Add a new Raster layer. Then click approximately where you want your rainbow to appear.

    4. Use the Pick tool to position your rainbow. You can also resize it or rotate it slightly if needed.

    5. Now most likely your rainbow is a bit unnatural in your photo. Use the blend modes to change its appearance. You might also lower the opacity of that layer. Experiment until you like it.

    6. You might want to use the Lighten/Darken tool around the edges to make it appear to blend into part of your photo. (Hold the Left mouse button to Lighten, the Right to Darken.) To do this first click on the Lock icon to lock the rainbow layer. Once it's locked any work you do will only show up on that layer.

      Rainbow added

      Blend Lighten

      Opacity 67%, Blend Dissolve

      Lighten/Darken applied

    7. Go to Layers New Raster Layer and apply your watermark if you choose to.

    8. Go to File Export, select JPG Optimizer and save your image.

    Suggestion: you might want your rainbow to appear across a corner of your image. Use the Pick tool, first set for Perspective to widen or stretch the bottom, then change back to Scale and rotate it until you can have the top or left go off the image.

    This tutorial was based on a tutorial written by Debbie Hardisty for PhotoImpact, with permission.

    Copyright © Merlene Guldager

         This document and the images contained therein may not be translated, duplicated, redistributed or otherwise appropriated.