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what we are making

Turn any image or photo into a perfectly color matching mosaic background tile with the use of a super filter.
This tutorial assumes you know how to install third party Plugins and Filters.

What you will need:

PhotoImpact Version 7 or higher
a photo or image
The Simple Filters

A photo of your choice or you may use mine.
This tutorial uses Guassian Blur, Puzzle & Ripple Effects and Simple Diamond from the Simple Filters.

A NOTE About Different versions of PI:
You should be using Standard Mode or Full Edit (or your custom mode based on one of these), depending on what version of PI you have. If yours doesn't have either, then you don't need to worry about it.
If you are using 11 or higher, you will find things have been moved around. I have tried to correct all of those in the text of the tutorial, but just in case I miss something... The FORMAT menu is now devided between PHOTO and ADJUST. For the most part the division of things is logical. Resizing an Image is under ADJUST, Blurring an image is under PHOTO and so on.

The Simple Quick Tile filter will not work if you have a 64bit Operating System.

Let's Begin...

  1. Download and install the Simple Filters.
  1. Preparing the Image
  • open your photo and click Contol + d, or right click and choose Duplicate
  • close the original
  • FORMAT/Dimensions or FORMAT/Image Size or ADJUST/Image Size
  • height = 300 pixels
  • width = 300 pixels
  • click OK
  • EFFECT/BLUR/Gaussian Blur (or PHOTO/BLUR/Guassian Blur
  • click the OPTIONS button change the amount to 15 to 25. All you want to remain is a blur of color.
  • Click OK
  1. Adding the lines that make the squares.
  • EFFECT/SPECIAL/Puzzle or
  • start by changing the number to 25
  • click on the right thumbnail and move it around so you can see each edge
  • adjust the number until there are no partial blocks showing on any of the edges
  • my example worked at 30, but each photo is slightly different.
  • click OK
  1. Making the lines wavy.
  • EFFECT/DISORT/Ripple or EFFECT/3D/Ripple
  • click the OPTIONS button
  • direction = edge
  • frequency = low
  • amplitude = 60 click OK
  1. Making the Diamonds.
  • EFFECT/SIMPLE/Diamonds.
  • Accept the defaults and click OK or APPLY.
  1. Lighten the tile.
  • Color = White
  • Merge = Always
  • Transparency = 50%
  • click OK
  1. Optimize and save as jpg.

Copyright © Merlene Guldager

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